This page outlines the next stage of proposals for Mill View. In 2021, we introduced you to our detailed plans for the Country Park and the Gateway residential – areas 1 and 2 shown on masterplan below. We are now preparing plans for the third phase.

The Mill View Masterplan

Designed for rent, Mill View will be different to any other new development in the area. Our approach focuses on service and amenities, offering more than just homes, with a wide range of facilities and activities for future residents and neighbours to enjoy.

As a ‘forever’ owner and landlord for the properties and manager for the site, we are committed to delivering and providing long-term investment in the facilities and amenities that will make an attractive community for everyone.

Residential Areas

The third phase will deliver 130 new homes across residential areas 3 and 6. Our approach to the design is in keeping with the rural edge location of Mill View and the Country Park, with a variety of house types across three distinct character areas.

The main access street, which will be the primary vehicle route through the site and onwards to Ampthill Road, will be delivered as part of the third phase.

Green spaces are planned across the whole development to ensure Mill View delivers a net gain for nature, creating habitats to support local species, alongside providing green corridors for nature and people to enjoy.

The Amenity Barn

In 2021, we said we would like to purchase the Thickthorn Farm buildings at the centre of the site. We have now done this, and we are planning to use this area to build an Amenity Barn opposite the Country Park and sports pitches.

The Amenity Barn will include changing facilities and toilets for the sports pitches and a public café. The Amenity Barn will also include Co-working space, meeting rooms, concierge and gym for Mill View residents.

A separate detailed planning application will be submitted for the Amenity Barn and approximately 30 new homes.


We are keen to make this development as accessible as possible, helping our neighbours and residents walk and cycle to the Country Park, sports pitches, Amenity Barn and primary school.

Our proposals will create a new footpath down Bedford Road, which will extend the footpath that currently ends at Sollars Way to the Country Park and Mill View development.

We are also going to provide a new segregated cycle link from Wixams along Ampthill Road to the Country Park and Mill View development. These improvements are part of a wider package, agreed in the outline planning consent, that include the closure of the Bedford Road / Ampthill Road junction and creation of the new ‘Bedford Road link’ that connects Houghton Conquest to Ampthill Road through the Mill View development.

The plan above shows our current thinking for access to and through the Country Park and Mill View development. We are working with Central Bedfordshire Council’s Public Rights of Way Officer, and the developers of the adjacent site to the north, to create north / south pedestrian connections between Houghton Conquest to the south, and Wixams to the north.